May 7th, 2004


(no subject)

I had an idea that I think might address some of the privacy concerns with leaving RFID tags in consumer items. Taking the tag out of the item isn't a good solution, because there are obvious benefits to having items tagged once you get them home (clothes with washing instructions, etc...).

Would it be feasible to construct a type of tag that would have a very small effective range (say, 1-6") with small numbers of them, but if you get a lot of them together, they amplify each other's signal?

So - a whole box full of razor handles could be scanned from a few feet away in the warehouse, but one tag attached to a razor in your bag couldn't be scanned easily.

You could also construct two-part tags for theft prevention, where one half has just one tag, which you leave attached, and the other half has a whole bunch which breaks off and is reused by the store.

Any thoughts on this?